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    Linux CPU microcode and a I5-3470CPU



      I believe that INTEL have said they will issue microcode for ALL affected chips by the end of the month. At least that's what I think is the case.

      The latest linux cpu microcode available does not seem to relate to my processor. There appears to be a reference to the I5-3470S but not the I5-3470. Would I be right in thinking that my CPU may be included in a later update or is it likely that it won't be included in an update at any point?


      Regards Steve

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          The latest thing I heard is that problems have been reported with the Haswell and Broadwell microcode updates. Intel is currently analyzing these problems. In my mind, as a result of this set of problems, I would say that there is a chance that Intel may not meet their (self-imposed) end-of-month deadline. One way or the other, I presume that they will make some sort of announcement sometime soon...