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    Realsense SR300 Work In Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (1709).Solution How


      If someone has a problem with the SR300 camera like I should have tried this method. I have read all forums but nothing has worked. Intel also refused to help me, turned his back to me to say some stupid answers. There are apparently people working there who have no clue about the computer hardware they produce.


      1. If you have lost the RGB drivers, Depth and Virtual Driver after the Windows upgrade, open the computer's hardware settings.

      2. Go to the device manager.

      3. if you only see "USB bus devices" and you do not have "Cameras" "imaging devices" Enter the option "view" and the option "show hidden devices"

      4. after bad installation of SR300 these drivers are blocked and will be shown as hidden and you will receive an error during Realsense installation ending in that the program wants to upgrade the firmware of the camera that does not have it.

      5. Remove hidden devices in the order: "RGB", "Depth with complete uninstallation", and "Virtual Driver with complete uninstallation".

      6. disconnect the camera from the USB port and wait 5-10 seconds and then reset the system

      7. after restart, connect the camera to the USB 3.0 port "very important" on another does not work and wait for the system to download drivers, but do not install the latest from 2016 because they have bugs, stay with those from 2006.

      8. after taking these actions, you will have in the device manager back:

      "Cameras - Intel SR300 RBG and Intel SR300 Depth"

      "Imaging devices - Intel SR300 Virtual Driver"

      9. if you have it working and back the windows Hello option and you can install intel realsense SDK



      End. I can help if I have questions



      PS. Now I'm fighting to make the system run with face recognition because it's not working.

      ps.all work fine.without problems.