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    Core i5-4590 low GHz


      I have recently purchased an i5 4590 quad core 3.3/3.7 Turbo GHz chip however it only runs at 2.57 GHz at max and 78% utilization max. I have tested with a CPU stress test, including Intel's own, so I know this for a fact to be true. my max temps on the CPU are 42 degrees celcius, never went higher. I know my PSU is up to par and my bios (Asus H81M-K) was updated just today to try and fix this issue to no evail. I have noticed my CPU also runs around 0.92 volts at any given time if this helps. Thank you!

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          Hello JacobW.,


          Thank you for joining the Processors Community. I am sorry to hear you are having issues with this matter.


          The firs thing I would like to share with you is that we have seen cases where certain settings in the BIOS could limit the processors to reach the spec, this is why I recommend contacting ASUS in order to confirm if any of their BIOS settings could limit the frequency of the processor.


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