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    NUC7i5bnh on Android


      I am running Android 7.1 RC2 on my NUC.  I know it's not an officially supported OS yet, but I am hoping to find some advice nonetheless.  I am not opposed to buying an adapter - anything to find a solution. 


      I have it running very well now, except for one thing.  Audio works, but I can't change the volume using my Rii i8+ remote.  More specifically, it goes only from 0 to 100.  It won't go to anything in between.  One click volume up goes to 100, one click volume down goes to 0.  I don't think it's anything specific to the remote...just an issue with HDMI audio currently.  I have a soundbar.  The soundbar does have an optical input, which I am currently using for my cable box.  I am willing to switch it over for the NUC, but I believe the NUC does not have an optical audio port.  Do I have any options there?  Or any other suggestions for a workaround?  Thanks much in advance for any advice.  I'm not looking for "switch to a different OS".    I have used Windows, LibreElec, and even tried a couple of Linux distros on the NUC.  I think overall Android is going to suit me best...just need to get past this one challenge.