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    Memtest86+ shows improper RAM settings - bad DP965LT board?

      I had a DP965LT motherboard that failed after about 2 years. The warranty replacement has had problems, such as random reboots while in Windows XP. I've taken all the components out of the system except for the PCI-E video card and the RAM. The RAM was in use on the first motherboard and was verified using Memtest86+ (2009 version) on another system. When I am able to boot directly into Memtest86+ on the replacement mobo the RAM settings are misquoted. For example, it states the RAM is DDR-532 CAS 1-1-1-31. This is quickly followed by thousands of memory errors. The RAM is DDR2-800 CAS 5-5-5-12 Mushkin and appears as such when I load the Bios. However, it seems to me that I can either have a mobo, cpu, or RAM problem and the inability of Memtest86 to read the RAM settings makes me think mobo. Any suggestions or previous experience with Memtest86+ not reading properly on an Intel motherboard?