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    Computer crashing after upgrading cpu


      I just upgraded my cpu in my pc from a pentium g4400 to an i7 7700k. The pc booted up normally, but after using it for a few hours the screen went black, and all the fans spun at max rpms for 30 seconds or so. (This never happened with the old cpu). It only seems to crash when playing certain games, originally all games, but disabling the turbo fixed some crashes. I can’t seem to figure out why only some games crash while others I can play for hours and not experience a single issue. When the pc crashes(happened 4 times already, only twice the fans spun at max), it boots me to the bios and doesn’t recognize the hdd. Once I completely power it down, and turn it back on, it will boot to windows 10. I haven’t ordered an after market cooler yet, so I’m still using a stock cooler. The highest temp I recorded was 75c, and the idle is about 40c. I updated the graphics card Driver’s, flashed the bios to the latest version and disabled the turbo that the chip has, which has helped crashing on select games, while the crashing still exists on others. I also set the bios settings to optimized defaults.

      I don’t believe the cpu is faulty, does anyone know how to fix this?


      My specs:

      i7 7700k(not being overclocked)

      Asus strix z270f mb

      12 gb Corsair vengeance 2133mhz ram

      Gtx 1060 3gb

      450w psu(unsure of brand)

      Windows 10 64 bit

      2tb western digital hdd 7200 rpm