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    i7 8700k Intel Graphics Installation Error




      I recently bought a new motherboard (Aorus z370 Ultra Gaming) and a i7-8700k CPU. When I tried to install the named "Intel VGA Drivers" from Gigabyte's website I got the error message "this computer does not meet minimum requirements". I then tried to download the graphic drivers for the i7 8700k on Intel's website and got the same error.


      I saw an Intel answer on the forums saying that it would be because I have my GTX 1080 drivers already installed and taking charge, so I did a clean uninstall of it with DDU and tried again - same error...


      This is particulary annoying since I'm trying to figure out why my second screen which is a VGA screen plugged to a HDMI receiver though an active adaptator won't work either plugged on my GPU or motherboard...



      Could I please get some clarifications ? Thank you and have a nice day.