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    intel hd graphic 505

    Mr Bunny

      Intel hd graphic 505 give me 10 fps in resolution 1300x700 in game like Assasin creed 3, Max payne 3, and GTA 4 (2008) dont run.

      In max payne 3 in settings i see the quantity of video memory used by game.
      In 800X600 the game use 180 MB and i have 27 fps.
      In 1024X760 game use 212 MB and i get 7 fps.
      Conclusion the hd graphics 505 have only 128 mb video memory, and in all games if i use more that i will get 5-10 fps, but why you all say that hd graphics use all 2 GB (or 50% in win 10 from 4 GB) system memory if it use only 128 mb, because i have 4 gb of memory and 2-3 gb memory is free.