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    Random Flickering pixels HD 520


      Hello all, I have an issue with my laptop, a Lenovo Ideapad 510S, the problem is that on low battery, lets say 27% it starts to show random pixels all over the screen, like snow, its more noticeable when I play a video, It has been very frustrating in fact, I've search every possible solution, the only way to remove them is by either disable the Intel driver or plug the computer to the AC, I think its a driver issue because as I said, if I disable the driver it works fine but the performance is decreased obviously.


      I noticed also that I have to use maximum performance on the intel energy settings software, otherwise the problem gets worst and much earlier, for the video I'm attaching I had to set it to Maximum battery  life and the random pixels appeared even with 70% of battery.


      I've updated windows 10, updated drivers, changed them for previous versions, Updated the BIOS etc...and nothing seems to work. I'm going to leave this information here, I hope someone can help me with this. Thanks!





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      Ideapad 510S-14ISK

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      Microsoft Windows 10 Home Single Language

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      60HZ 1366 X 768

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      1. UNPLUG AC
      2. Work as usual
      3. When the Battery drops below 30%-20% random pixels appear on moving windows or videos. (energy set to maximum performance)
      4. Or set the energy settings to Maximum battery life, the random pixels appear even with 70% battery life.