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    QueryPerformanceCounter on 5570 versus 5160 CPU

      am running an identical piece of code on 2 different machines.

      All the code does is call QueryPerformanceFrequency function and printing out result ..

      1st. Dell 1950 with 2 Dual Core Xeons 5160 running Server 2003.

      Current Frequency 2993000000

      2nd Dell R610 with 2 Quad core Xeon 5570 running server core 2008 R2.

      Current Frequency 2857480

      Is there a different way Server Core 2008 reports cpu ticks ?  Is resolution now down to microseconds instead of nanoseconds ?

      Is there a different way to calculate ticks per second .. microsecond .. nanosecond .. ?


      Does this mean that i have to accept the fact that latest Intel CPU  reports ticks at 2.857xx per microsecond.

      giving me the best resolution possible to be 1/3 of a microsecond. while older CPUs were giving me 2993 ticks per microsecond...

      So much for improvement.



      Please Help,



      The code is compiled to 64 bit platform using Visual Studio 2005.

      LARGE_INTEGER ticksInSecond;



      sizeof(bf), "Current Frequency %I64d ",ticksInSecond);

      sizeof(bf), "Current Frequency %I64d ",ticksInSecond);