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    Teaming I210 with I217


      Can an I210* and I217-LM be configured for teaming together?  In Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016?


      Same questions for: I210 and I219-LM - can they be teamed?


      * As an aside:  I'm a little confused by the I210 designation.  Can somebody clarify this for me?

      • I'm pretty sure these motherboards have an I210-AT NIC.
      • The Intel SSU tool identifies the NIC as I210 with no suffix.
      • I don't see an Ark page for I210, but there is a data sheet for I210.
      • There are Ark pages for the five I210 variants (I210-AS, I210-AT, I210-CS, I210-IS, I210-IT) listed in the "Ethernet Controller I210 Series" (Intel® Ethernet Controller I210 Series Product Specifications)
      • So are the five I210 variants all function- and feature- same?