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    Automatic Repair loop - Spectre/Meltdown update


      Machines: Dell Optiplex 790, Win 10 Version 1709 10.0.16299.192, Intel i5

      This week I've had several machines go into an automatic repair loop. The error is "inaccessible boot device". There seem to be a million posts/websites that  point to (a) bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd, (b) bootrec.exe /fixmbr, (c) bootrec.exe /fixboot but that does not work for me. An article about a Windows Update from October causing this same issue got me to use dism  to look at the packages. I used /remove-package to get rid of the most recent and then the machine booted to windows!! I did a happy dance. My couple days of sullen grunting were gone. I was downright giddy.

      When I rebooted the loop came back. And then there are no packages to remove and I can't get back to windows. If only I could stop it after I got in that time.  I'm wiping the computers I have but there are still reports coming in and computers I haven't retrieved.

      1) I need to figure out how to fix this

      2) I need to figure out exactly what is going on to prevent it from happening again. Though I highly suspect it's the Spectre/Meltdown fix even though only reports of AMD processors having this problem and mine are Intel.

      I've been researching and testing for days with no luck other than my false ray of sunshine yesterday.

      Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks!