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    ECC module modification by Intel?




      there is video on HKEPC Hardware youtube channel that shows ECC memory and supporting platform in action. one can see modified memory module with a switch that once pushed induces error that is then corrected on Intel Xeon E3 platform. I contacted HKECP and they told me that this memory modification was done by Intel and after the video had been recorded it was returned to Intel.


      this video is cool and very demonstrative. dear Intel, could you share the theoretical details with the community about how you modified that memory module to allow such nice and powerful presentation of capabilities of your product? or direct me to your appropriate engineer team that could help?


      to anyone: do you have any idea how such modification should be performed to allow similar tests?


      here is the video in question from HKEPC channel: Non-ECC vs ECC 錯誤檢查和糾錯技術 - YouTube


      thank you,