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    Intel 750 Nvme pci-e ssd wont boot after backup Sata hdd installation


      I have this same problem two or three times before...i have a Intel 750 400gb NVMe ssd pci-e hdd for boot drive on Windows 10 and a back up sata drive 2 TB. Yesterday, i just changed my 2 Tb sata drive for a 4 tb. After this very simple installation, i see '' Reboot ans select proper device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key.


      My motherboard is a MSI Gaming 5 Z97. When i a change a HDD for back up, i always have this same problem. The NVME Pci-E 750 drive is recognize in Bios and i select this drive to boot first on BBS drive priority. I tried many solutions, search on google, on this forum but i didnt find solution. Why this problem when i change a back up Sata drive with the 750 NVME PCi-E drive ?  it's really annoying to make a fresh Win 10 install just to change a back up drive!