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    New SSD toolbox released




      Intel has released a new rev of it's SSD toolbox / trim optimizer, ver 1.3.  Here's the link to the options page:







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          Many thanks. I will try today.

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            No worky. The optimizer says it can't run on RAID volumes. I have no RAID, no compression, no encryption, no shadow data. Just a single 80 GB Postville on an ICHR10 controller. Running XP PRO EN SP3 with bare (Windows-installed) drivers. I reinstalled the previous version and it worked again. Congrats Intel. You've done it again. I'm glad your core business is chips and not software.

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              Why is it that every time I run the optimizer, it does its job really fast, like 1 second or two. it's almost as if it is not doing anything at all. Does anyone know why this may be? I am running the new intel RST drivers with a single G2 80 SSD and two HDDs in RAID 0.

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                Sounds normal for a quick TRIM pass. If you have a lot of Windows restore points it will take longer.

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                  I have 2 SSD drive

                  the toolbox on the system one run smoothly he fill it up and clean it

                  when i do the second one it fill it up but it doesn't erase the files

                  it kind of get stuck to the end of the process i can manually erase the files but it's odd since they are exactly same SSD only different thing is the port the are attached and that one is system the other not


                  I tryed 2 or 3 times i even restated and tryed again the system one always get it done right the other one always get stuck at the end and fill it up my SSD without erasing the temp files.


                  Not a big deal i guess but just to let you know.

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                    As mentioned above, the "fast" trim behavior is expected.


                    Your mechanical drive as well as your SSD are divided into "Logical Block Addresses", which hold 512 bytes of data, often called a "sector".  When you delete a file, your filesystem simply updates its records, but does not necessarily erase the sectors associated with the file.  An SSD moves sectors around to ensure steady performance.  Unfortunately, an SSD will "shuffle" the LBAs associated with the deleted file just like valid data, which is unnecessary.


                    If the SSD had some knowledge of which LBAs were no longer needed, it could take advantage of this information to more efficiently "shuffle" when it is time to write addtional data.  The addition of the "TRIM" command to the ATA spec basically tells the SSD which LBAs are associated with deleted files and hence no longer need to be moved around.


                    Hope that helps.

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                      Still no Raid5 support.


                      When is Intel going to support Raid5?


                      Thank you.

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                        I don't run in RAID, so this isn't an issue for me, but I've seen a few details on this issue.  My understanding of the RAID issue is that the RAID controller must explicity support TRIM in order for the OS/Toolbox to be able to trim the drives.  I expect this means that controllers designed before a certain point will never support TRIM.


                        Consider this: let's have a RAID 0 config with two drivers.  Either the OS or the toolbox wants to tell the drive that LBA 1000 has been deleted.  Normally it will send a command to the drive indicating that LBA 1000 is deleted.  But, in the RAID example, where is LBA 1000?  Drive 1 or drive 2?  Only the RAID controller would know.  Consequently, the RAID controller would have to have logic to support the TRIM command, logic that would determine which of the two drives to pass the command to and which LBA to specifiy, because it can't be LBA 1000 anymore.


                        If this isn't an accurate description of the problem, maybe someone else can set me straight.

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                          I am not an expert either, and what you say makes sense to me.


                          However, my raid driver is made by Intel. it's the Matrix Storage Manager.  They made my drives and they made my drivers, you cannot get any more Intel than that.


                          So, it is beyond me why their own driver does not support trim?


                          At least they could publish a roadmap to let us know what the plan or general direction is.


                          At any rate, thank you for your thoughts.



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                            How did you get your SSD to run in AHCI and have a RAID set up at the same time??

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                              What is AHCI?

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                                I have TWO X25-M 80 GB SSD's - the optimizer will work on one - not the other. Gives the 'cannot run on raid' to me on the one drive. Using AMD 850 southbridge in AHCI - I have tried all of the ports for the drive that won't run the optimizer - no luck, wheras the one that works can do so on any port. Only workaround is once a week have to change back to IDE mode in the bios - run optimizer - then back to AHCI. This is in windows 7 64 bit by the way. Not certain that trim is working under these circumstances for the one drive either.

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                                  AHCI - Advanced Host Controller Interface

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                                    To tell if TRIM is working ,You have to go in comand prompt , type fsutil behavior query disabledeletenotify.  ( if it shows 1, means it's off ) (if it shows 0, means it's on ) So you are looking for it to show ( 0 ) than you know the TRIM is working .

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