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    Would you be interested in sponsoring a long-term massive game-library / spectre test/benchmark/whatever?


      I already have an i7 8700K on a Z370-F Strix board.


      I also have a Samsung EVO 850 250 GB SSD and I did (mis)order a 32 GB Optane stick assuming it would work with any HDD.


      I still haven't decided on a harddrive. I did originally order the Seagate Ironwolf 8 TB because the price was right but I know HGST and WD Gold drives are more reliable but they also seem to make more noise. Have been considering the Ironwolf Pro too. Or Barracuda Pro. It's hard for me to decide.


      Anyway I still can return the Optane stick but got it at a good price relative the normal one (815 SEK normally but I've gotten 20% discount so basically 614 SEK = €62.50.)


      Now with Meltdown and Spectre patches and the latest BIOS I know about my 10-12% lower 4K benchmark result on the EVO 850 and I know about Intels own statement of 12% using SYSMark 14 SE responsiveness on the 600p SSD.


      Personally while not preferred I'm not 100% put off by using an HDD as boot-drive, but I definitely want a silent one if so. And I'm not convinced. And my last chance to return the Optane stick is rapidly coming to an end.


      I'm someone with ~1000 Steam keys and a massive game library. Would Intel have any interest in sponsoring a test using a large harddrive and Optane for a massive game library and compare how games run vs a dedicated SSD? I could easily install say GTA V on the HDD with Optane and on SSD and compare boot times for instance. I haven't seen any results about how 4K impact was on Optane either and I would also be interested to see how 4K performance is with some SSD on AMD Ryzen platform in case that have less impact there vs Intel Optane one with possibly larger CPU impact but the higher performance of Optane. For instance.


      Feel free to tell if you'd be ok with sending a 32 GB Optane drive for the purpose or cover the €62.50 cost for the one I've already had and I'll try to move on with the HDD purchase and try it out (feel free to offer a 600p drive too if you want comparisons but I already have the EVO drive.)


      For experimenting purpose I think installing Windows on HDD, add Optane, and then have Windows on an SSD and boot form that and use the other setup as a secondary "drive" to see if caching still worked could also be interesting but I don't know if I will do that.


      I'd be ok with putting together YouTube videos and telling people the results / participating in hardware forum on Steam for instance. I already do. I have 100 000+ forums posts of various sorts written by me as is.


      Whole Meltdown + Spectre + Ryzen 2 "soon" + lack of PCI-lanes of the desktop platform kinda have me having second thoughts on things but on the other hand using Optane cache is a "good lock in" to the platform just as getting a G-sync monitor is .. So there's that too!


      E-mail dospam@gmail.com