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    test pattern after hibernation or sleep mode on my laptop-Intel HD 630 graphic card driver




      I'm user of lenovo legion y720 laptop that has Intel HD 630 graphic card, I experienced one highly annoying problem with it, while I'm trying to wake my laptop from sleep or hibernation I'm getting black screen with flashing white test pattern from time to time and my cursor is one big white square, after checking online the way to deal with the problem was to re-roll my newly updated driver, and it was fixed for some time, until my windows did one big updated and updated my driver again making my re-roll option not available anymore, now I know I could probably fix it by recovery, and keeping my windows update turned off, but I kinda prefer having latest updates, I'm writing here hoping to get some attention from any of the developers form Intel so they could look into this problem. I will leave a video and driver information below. Untitled.png