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    IAStorUI has stopped working - ERROR


      I'm suddenly getting this error message when I try to use the RST service. I have looked through other threads on this topic (most of them are several years old) but none of those suggestions has worked for me. Here is a link to a screen grab that shows that RST is set to "Automatic". It also shows the versions of NET Framework I have installed. NET Framework version seems to be a common reference in the threads on this topic.  The error message that I'm getting is also visible in the screen grab.



      i've not made any recent changes that I can think of.  The service had been working but now is not.


      Windows 10 Pro v 10.0.15063   Gigabyte X58A-UD3R


      Some of the old threads even suggest things like a bad font file might cause this error. I really don't know where to start beyond checking the basic things covered in my screen grab.

      Any suggestions?

      Thanks, Mardon