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    Is a 20v MaxOak 50aH battery OK with a NUC?


      I am using a NUC to control my telescope which requires 12v for telescope motion; 5v for focuser and 19 volts for the NUC (7i5BNH). At home I can use their regular mains power adapters which I have in a proper electrical watertight box supplied from a professionally installed RCD protected supply in my garden (note here; that I will never be out in the rain/damp as any clouds prevent this hobby!). However, I need a battery solution at 'Dark Sky Sites' where I have no access to mains power.


      A MaxOak 50aH battery offers multiple 20v; 12v and 5v outputs (3) simultaneously from the same single battery unit. See this link




      Will it be OK to input 20 volts into the NUC? It does say "20V for Laptops" in the MaxOak specification? I do know somebody that is doing this with his i3 NUC and it seems to be working fine (but is it likely to damage the NUC?).


      If not, will the NUC run OK off merely 12 volts?  It is handling some intensive camera video data.



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          Hello, Noah4x4.
          Thank you very much for taking the time to share this problem with the Intel® Communities Team. I understand you have some questions regarding the voltage your NUC can support. Allow me to help you regarding this inquiry you have.
          Please note that the standard voltage a NUC can receive is 19V and this will be the maximum. Please find here the specifications of this NUC where the “DC Input Voltage Supported” is specified.
          I would like to know, how this telescope works. Will it be connected via USB to the NUC or is Software? Can you provide the model of it?

          Antony S.

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            The telescope has its own internal power and is independently controlled via WiFi and an Android tablet. So ignore that.


            The NUC is affixed to process data via a USB3 cable from an Atik Horizon camera. The NUC has 'TeamViewer' and is wirelessly controlled remotely from a laptop in my (warm) observatory. Whilst long exposure astrophotography will be processed and <saved> on the NUC, "live" images for the purpose of Electronically Assisted Astronomy can be viewed on the second laptop (via TeamViewer). This works great and remarkably cuts through light pollution.  One can see far more than through a regular  optical glass eyepiece, and the small size of the NUC is excellent.


            At home, I will simply use the regular power adapter. But at Dark Sky Sites I plan to use the MaxOak 60aH. I have two pals with NUC i3's  running on power from the 20v MaxOak and they are telling me that the NUC specification in 19v + or - 10%. They appear to be having zero problems. But conscious of warranty, I thought best to ensure. So are you saying running my  i5 NUC ion a 20v supply strictly inadvisable? Are the specifications different from an i3? Have they got it wrong?


            If 20v is not advisable, what are the consequences of running the NUC at 12v? Surely there is some + or - tolerance?

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              If you want to use your 20V or 12V inputs, you can use a DC-DC circuit to output the necessary 19V. Here is a link to one such circuit for sale: DCDC-NUC, 6-48V automotiove power supply for NUC, 12V or 19V output


              Hope this helps,


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                Thanks, but it looks complicated.


                My pal has just told me that the native output of the NUC mains power adapter is measured at 19.6v and he read that the tolerance is 12v to 19v plus or minus 10%. That is why he is running his NUC i3 at 20v from his MaxOak battery without problem.


                But if it's inadvisable I will simply use the Maxoak battery 12v output. But does that have any impact on NUC performance?

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                  Above, Intel is saying strictly 12 to 19 volts. But now I am really confused having read this earlier thread


                  Intel NUC 12v


                  This earlier thread has Intel suggesting up to 24v might be fine. But more seeme to be doubt expressed at 12v as if the  the voltage might drop below 11.6v that is a problem. I have then been referred to page 53 of a technical manual for the NUC i5 that suggests a voltage tolerance of +/- 10% on the plug inner contact. I interpret this to mean 10.8 Volts to 21.9 Volts?

                  I have a MaxOak 50aH unit outputting 20v or 12 v. which output should I use when away from a mains power supply? Thanks

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                    Your power source is 20V +/- X%. The NUC expects 19V +/- 10%. If your power supply is off and goes higher than 21.9V (i.e. X=9.5%), problems could occur.


                    I still say that the use of a DC-DC converter is the safest thing that you can do.