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    [SOLVED] Strange HDMI corruption with Nuc 7i5bnk and Windows 10



      I just installed my new nuc with windows 10. Applied all windows update (with a lot of troubles and retries), updated all the driver through intel driver assistant and installed Plex server and Kodi.


      I  strange issue: the computer is running fine. I can connect through Remote Desktop, but the hdmi output doesn’t work. And the strangest thing is that the screen is not black or something else But it shows the last output seen on the tv Before switching to the hdmi input of the nuc.

      For example: TV -> Nuc and the screen after going black for a little while shows the last frame of the tv program.

      The I try to switch to chrome cast input and everything is fine and I see the screensaver of the chromecast. Then I switch back to the nuc input and I see the last image of the chrome cast screensaver.


      This is already happened to me yesterday and the reboot didn’t fix it. And it was impossible to log on.  I thought it was a bad windows update happened during the night and I had to reinstall the whole system.


      Now its happened again.

      What can I do?

      I’m thinking of returning my nuc while I still can.

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          Was the NUC selected as the HDMI input when it was powered on and booted? If not, you might see some strangeness onscreen. What you are seeing on the TV is likely a TV-specific artifact, however. Try, from powered off state, to boot the NUC while it is selected as the input on the TV.



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            Hi and thank you for the answer.

            If I reboot I can’t see anything on the screen  Even the bios screen (the one that shows F2, F10 etc.) isn’t visible.

            The system boots up but I can access It only via Remote Desktop.

            If I set to boot in safe mode it goes back to normal (even if some screen flickering and artifacts are present now and then), but if I switch back to normal boot the hdmi output is unavailable (Black screen with some lines at the top).

            I tried to update the hdmi bios but it’s already the last version I think. I tried also to disable hdmi CEC in bios but nothing changes.

            Do you think I may have a defective unit?


            UPDATE: I did some more tests and with two other tv there was no output via hdmi with windows started normally.

            Then I tried to reinstall the graphic drivers and the output came back! Now I’m leaving the nuc up and running and wait for something to happen. Do you have a benchmark test that can stress the video output to be sure nothing is wrong with my machine?


            Thanks again

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              Another quick update.

              Even with the latest driver now and then the flashing did reappear. A reboot always fixed the issue.

              Then one day i bought a cheap (amazon basics) HDMI cable 4K certified (even if my tv is only full Hd).

              From that moment I hadn’t a single video output issue. It’s been a couple of weeks now and I think we can mark this thread as solved.