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    LidarLite v3 - Spikes in distance measurements despite capacitor




      I face the following problem when using the LidarLite v3 in combination with the Intel Aero RTF Drone:

      The sensor is detected and I can access it's distance measurements but every 500 - 1000 ms the measured distance jumps to a value of 0 or something between 10000 and 30000 before returning to the actual distance.


      The sensor is connected to the telemetry port and as propsed in the corresponding manual, I put a 680 µF capacitor between VCC and GND but the problem still exists.

      When using the lidar with a different FCU, e.g. the PixRacer I don't see any spikes in the measurement data.


      Did anyone face the same issue or could provide some help with this problem?

      Thanks a lot in advance!