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    Intel 620 not producing. [HELP!]


      Alright so given my specs.
      Gyazo - 35daae9a685670d92b3f829c1f25768a.png

      I have terrible lag in PC games with recommended settings that are far less than my actual specs. What is going on? My 2011 Sony Vaio with a Chipset 4000 family series ran the one particular game i'm trying to play and it did it better. That laptop is a $250 laptop.


      When i'm in some games I glitch/lag every few seconds. This one game in particular is Path of Exile. I played this on the above mentioned laptop.


      Things that I have tried:
      Drivers are up to date.
      I fixed my computers "Power limit throttling" issue already.
      I tried the games with parked and unparked cores.

      I'm at my wits end on this. The computer is literally 4 days old brand new. I need some help with this one. The only thing i've narrowed it down to is the graphics card on this computer is not getting enough power.
      The stats as shown above are more than enough to run most new age games at mid to low graphics settings. And I have tried the particular games on bare low everything. Nothing seems to help.