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    DXVA2-driver for Broadwell - Was: Driver crash during HEVC playback w/DXVA2 (resume)


      I refer to the discussion "Driver crash during HEVC playback w/DXVA2 (resume)",



      In my opinion the reply by Intel is clearly insufficient; 


      It has been demonstrated that the Intel Integrated Graphic Display HD5500 is able to play h.265-videos and it is even possible to skip forward and backward within a video.
      So why is it not possible to resume a video at a certain position?

      I find it impossible to understand why 'play' and 'resume' are handled different by the driver and 'Hybrid HEVC' sounds more like an excuse than a real technical problem.


      Furthermore, especially the 5th generation of Intel NUCs, the Broadwell family, in my view was and is something like a 'gamechanger' / 'breakthrough' within the NUC product line with a correspondingly large user community.


      Please reconsider your decision regarding support of hardware accelerated video decoding for the 5th generation! 



      (I am using an Intel NUC5i3RYK with 2x4 GB Ram, Windows 8.1 64-bit Pro, latest version of Firmware and Graphic card driver updated as of January, 8th).