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    Intel RealSense Webcam SR300 not working Device Manager Greyed Out


      Hello Everyone


      I've just completed the lastest Windows Update - or should I say downgrade!! On the restart my Acer Aspire V17 Nitro could not find the camera so I had to sign in with my PIN and no interenet. I resolved the internet issue, but still my camera does not work. In the Device Manager the Camera is greyed out.

      And when I click on the item  I am shown this:

      So how can the device not be connected when it is a Webcam and built-in?


      Any advice or help will be much appreciated as I cannot use the camera at all.

      I've tried troubleshooting, but that crashes, I've tried installing the following software:

      But that crashes!

      Can anyone help please? Came home from work, logged in to the laptop using the camera - Windows updated and not been able to use the camera since. I need the camera urgently for Skype business calls.


      I've attached the log from the above screenshot


      My sincere thanks in advance to anyone that can help :-)


      Warm regards