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    PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility


      Our Dell E5580 Latitudes aren't switching from a "wired" connection to a "wireless" connection.  So, I installed the Intel ProSet wireless wifi connection utility version 19.10 to match our wireless driver on one of the laptops.  I created a new package that Enabled Adapter Switching under the Application Settings tab.  I then save the package as the .exe. and apply the package to the current machine.  The current machine works fine.  However, I am unable to use the .exe package that I created and saved for the remainder of my machines.  Am I making the wrong assumption that the .exe package that I've created should work on the remainder of my E5580 Latitudes with that driver version?  When I go to another machine and click on the .exe package that I have saved on our shared network drive, it thinks for a while and acts like its making a configuration change but it doesn't work.