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    Intel i7 8550U UHD 620 issue


      Hello, I have Acer aspire 5 with an i7 8550U processor and I noticed that when I'm watching a video on youtube at some point it appears some sort of columns with distorted image (I attached an image). This thing happens multiple times while I'm watching a video, but sometimes it isn't happening at all. It is the second laptop(I returned the first one and they gave me a new one) where I'm encountering the same problem and I want to know if it is from the laptop or the integrated graphics and why it is happening. In other applications that use the integrated graphics I don't encounter problems. The driver that I'm using is

      the one from acer driver list (26/09/2017).5a22bf0830cdd_Capture_2017-12-02-16-46-07.png.db7cdf80aea6868f7ad484156c32f16c.png