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    Intel D510MO + ATI HD2400 PCI


      Hey folks,


      I just bought an Intel D510MO and so far very pleased with it.

      But now I ran into some problems. I want to set up a HTPC using the D510MO, therefore I bought a HD2400 PCI add-in card (honestly GMA3150 is not enough for being able to watch hd videos on youtube or such)


      So I connected that videocard on the PCI slot of my D150MO and started my computer. If I am right the onboard graphics should be turned off automatically, when using a video add-in card, but the integrated graphics still ramains active. As long the HTPC is still in the booting routine my display won't get any video signal, until Vista or Seven is fully loaded. So this means if I wanted to install a different os or change setting in bios, I need to switch the display between these two sources.

      BTW: I tried several settings in bios, like setting primary video adapter to "auto" , "int graphics" or "ext pci graphics" but still the same problem the pci video adapter can only be used in windows. Anyone having the same problem or maybe a solution? I would be thankful for any suggestion.



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          Yes I have the same problem with a nVidia Geforce 8400GS. I have to install Linux with the monitor attached to the onboard graphics adaptor and later I can use it at the Geforce in Linux. I'm using the latest bios update without any success.

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            Same problem for me with Nvidia Geforce 5200.  Have tried all the bios options and disabling / removing onboard intel graphics drivers from windows 7.

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              I have an other issue with these two components. When starting the D510MO with an inserted ATI HD2400pro I can see all output of the BIOS and the start screen of Windows 7 but I don't get a logon screen. I only see a black screen with a moveable mouse pointer and sometimes there is a busy circle.


              I had this problem first with an ATI HD4350. And after some tests I found out that the system is normally starting with an Diamond Stealth (a very good VGA card of the year 1995): Here I get a logon screen.


              So I thought that this is a power consumption problem. Perhabs the board doesn't deliver enough power to the PCI slot. And so I bought the HD2400 card resulting in the same problem.


              How did you all get the HD2400 with the D510MO working under Windows?


              Thank you



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                could be an Intel driver issue. check google for info, I'm sure someone else has the same problem as you do.

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                  I'm searching for more than 3 weeks for a solution by using google. Even the manufacturer of the VGA card has no answer. And Intel says that they don't support external VGA cards. They don't say why. And in BIOS there is the option to change the primary card. This is really curios.


                  And after reading at this board that other people can work under windows with a external VGA card I want to know how they have reached a functional state.


                  I will try to uninstall the Intel VGA driver and test again.

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                    Now I found the following solution when the black screen with a moveable mouse cursor is shown:

                    • Win + U
                    • Ease Of Access -> See more contrast in colors (High Contrast)
                    • After that you will be able to enter your password

                    The problem I now have is a very poor performance of the system.

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                      I don't know how to solve the performance issue which is starting with booting Windows 7 (64 Bit).


                      I now can work with the graphical output of the HD2400 (after changing the ease of access options everytime I'm starting the system) but every start of an application takes a very long time. With the onbard card everything is OK. Using an old PCI graphics card like a Diamond Stealth (from 1995) the system boots very fast, too (but it makes no sense to work with this card).


                      • Is there a resource conflict?
                      • I have the newest BIOS version 0311 installed. In the previous version 0303 there is a fix for PCI graphic cards (so I'm asking again why Intel says that they don't support external graphic cards). Is it worth to test with version 0303?
                      • Is this a special issue because of the combination of an Intel board with an ATI based graphic card? But how did the others get this card working on this board without performance issues?
                      • So would it be worth to try a NVidia 8400GTS?


                      It would be great to get more help by this forum. Thank you.

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                        After a long time, I tried to find a solution once again for this bad issue. INTEL has released some new BIOS versions where some fixes for external graphic cards are implemented. I really don't know why INTEL is saying that they don't support external graphic cards!!!


                        I first installed BIOS version 0501 (this update needs at first 0311 and then 0400). Then I bought a ZOTAC GeForce 6200 and it works! The graphics performance is not as good as the onboard card but it was a test.


                        Now, I will try once again with the ATI HD2400. Hopefully, it will work.


                        When this card doesn't work again then there will be a compatibility issue between the ATI card and the INTEL mainboard.

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                          Now, with BIOS version 0501, the ATI HD2400pro based graphics card is working fine, too. The performance is only a very little bit slower than the onboard GMA 3150 from INTEL (Windows 7 performance index: 3,0 with INTEL, 2,9 with ATI).


                          So, for all wanting to use an external PCI graphics card with a DVI port for working with HD video material, first update to BIOS 0501!