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    H2224XXLR2 redundant power supply error on all servers.




      we are experiencing some strange behavior on all our intel servers.

      we are running Intel Chassis H2224XXLR2 4blade servers and since this weekend they all were showing the following error.


      Pwr Unit Redund: "reports redundancy has been lost; reports the unit is still functioning with the minimum amount of resources needed for normal operation"


      we checked the servers and power feeds and did the following tests with limited success.

      1. Reboot servers (no success)

      2. Power Off servers (no success)

      3. Power Off servers and pull power from chassis (4 servers out of 40 show no errors now)

      4. checked firmwares "all are up to date"

      5. Checked power feeds (no success - all feeds working)


      This also causes our machines running vmware to disconnect from vmware constantly at random intervals.