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    NUC7i5BNK Problems with CIR after BiosUpdate from 57 to 61


      Hello and good morning.


      2 days ago i got the Biosuptdate from 57 to 61. From this Moment on my NUC cannot wake from S4 or S5 with my IR Command. I have to use Power Toggle 2 or 3 times to wake my NUC.


      I replaced BIOS back to 57, but than I have Problems with my Optane and the Nuc doesn't start my windows. BUT, he wake up with the first PowerON command from my IR. After flash to 61 I need 2 or 3 times to wake... Than i change th IR Driver to the last older version, but there is no change...


      In some German Boards a few people have the same Problem with NUC6 and 7 after flashing the new Bios...


      For me I have a solution to wake my NUC. I use CEC and I can wait for the next BIOS. So use my note as information...


      Kind regards



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