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    NUC7 and Netflix HDR


      I've got the NUC7i7 and running Windows 10 Pro.  I was stuck on the Creators Update for awhile, since the Fall Creators Update wouldn't install for some reason.  Netflix was running UltraHD content just fine - and looked amazing in 4K.  I could confirm by using the hidden trick CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-D


      This past weekend I wiped the NUC and reloaded Windows 10 Pro, with Fall Creators Update.  Installed all the latest drivers from the NUC site.  I now have the HDR switch in graphics settings.  YouTube 4K works great.  However, Netflix is no longer offering UltraHD.  Either through the Windows 10 app, nor the Edge browser.


      Anyone else having this problem?  The max I can get is 1080p.  I know it's not the hardware, as I had it working before the Fall Creators Update.


      The only thing that I could think about is that I also did the HDMI firmware update after I reinstalled Windows 10.  Did that firmware update perhaps change something so that Netflix doesn't think I have a 2.2 secure handshake?