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    FreeBSD and SR1630HGP with 82578DM



      I have SR1630HGP server with 2 network adapter.

      FreeBSD 7 see only 1 network card (82574L), but 82578DM is not.

      I download and install Network Adapter Gigabit Base Driver for FreeBSD* 7.x and OS see 82578DM.

      But after that when i shutdown my server (shutdown -p now) - it reboot, not shutdown.

      I install driver like write in README:


      cd em-x.x.x


      make install

      Edit /boot/loader.conf, and add the following line:



      Also i disable em in kernel.


      I try to update to FreeeBSD 8.0 - but is steel reboot, not shutdown


      PS if i disable if_em_load="YES" in loader.conf - FreeBSD shutdown OK.