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      I understand DZ77RE-75K desktop board support has been discontinued and the last BIOS 0066 available

      for this platform is of May 2013 but given the recent security revelations re "Spectre & Meltdown" will INTEL

      consider releasing an updated BIOS ? I am using this with a i7-3770K btw.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Win7ine,
          I understand you would like to know if there is any update available for your motherboard on regards the Spectre & Meltdown vulnerability issue.
          We are still working hard to provide a solution for this issue. Intel and other companies have begun providing software and firmware updates to mitigate these exploits. You can also check with your operating system vendors if there is any update available.

          Please find more information about this issue below:

          • For full details on this topic please refer to this Intel public website  
          • For details on how to protect your system please refer to this site for more information
          • A full list of Intel products impacted by this issue, along with other important details can be found here 
          Antony S.
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            Thank you for your reply Anthony however generalised it reads at this moment. I do hope that we will see some movement on an updated BIOS

            incorporating newly released microcodes such as the published on 8 January 2018 and other possible fixes in MEngine for older CPU's like

            my i7-3770K related to SPECTRE and MELTDOWN very soon.