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    Have you seen 2018 NUC - Hades Canyon ?


      Ok,  Just 32 Gb, not 64 Gb support. No eight PCIe slots. Looks like only two SDD slots. Just four cores/8 threads.
      Good points - cool cover. Integrated AMD compatible GPU. Higher clock and memory speeds. Two models, high end is 100W TDP. Two Thunderbolt 3 ports.
      Drives six monitors, but would rather have two or more PCIe slots.
      Checking for CUDA support.


      Source:   Intel's Hades Canyon NUCs with Radeon Graphics are Official: $799-$999, Shipping in Spring 2018

      Please reply with Videos and news.
      Lastly,  my apologies for complaining first. It is rude and sounds ungrateful. I am grateful.
      Yes I am excited. Yes I want one. Yes more folks are cryptomining and doing Database work.  Can there be a NUC for us ?
      "Fork it over" (bad UNIX joke to fork or split to a new task. )