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    PCIe x16 splitter



      Are the PCIe lanes provided on the x16 socket (for dedicated gpu) any different than the ones provided by the remaining sockets?


      Is it possible to split the lanes to 16 times x1 and would the OS support devices conneced to those lanes without driver modifications?

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          Hello secures,

           I understand you are having some question of how the PCIe lanes are distributed. Allow me to help you regarding these questions you are having.

          In this case, the lanes that the processor provides are, as you mentioned, just for graphics. The motherboard will provide extra PCIe lanes nonetheless; the purpose of those lanes will be different, for example, a Wi-Fi card or Raid controller. There is no way to split the lanes, the motherboard will make sure are correctly distributed. In the case you would like to do a deeper research about the distribution you can look for support on our Developer Zone or in Resource and Design for Development with Intel®.

          I hope this answers all your questions.

          Antony S.