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    DH57JG: CPU-Fan Control isn't working !?


      Hello, I built a system using this board and a "scythe big shuriken" with PWM-Fan. I have got a cooling problem because the fan just starts to run at full power when CPU-temperature reaches almost 75°C. But what about my hard disk drive? its just an ITX board in a "LIAN LI PC Q07". Why can't i set the suggested cpu temperature in bios (i installed the latest from march) to - for example - 45 °C, so that the CPU-fan helps to cool down my system. My experience is, that the fan does run in idle state at 400 revs and then, when i (e.g.) start a "prime 95-test", the cpu-fan starts to accelerate to 550 revs, but then, after a few seconds it goes back to 400 revs. It should go to full power in my opinion?// is this a hardware bug, or can it be fixed by "bios update" ? please help me!!


      ... for my experience i used the "Intel desktop utilities" and did try several items in fan control like "slow - normal and aggressive"


      scythe standard-fan is Model: SY1212SL12M-P    (0,19A) 4pin


      i use now:                  scythe DFS122512L-PWM  (0,07A) 4pin


      effect with both fans is the same - the SY has got a different idle state (660 revs)


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          I see you are using an aftermarket fan and heatsink, what happens when using the stock fan and heatsink? Is it same issue? For a stock fan Idle should be 900-2000 rpm’s

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            sry, but i bought an i5 661 tray cpu. the only fan i would be able to compare with is the box-fan of an i5 750. a friend of mine has got one. I suppose that the bios will be able to manage this one, but what about my scyhte-pwm-fans? do i have to test the one from the 750? is it compatible? it would not be a problem to test it, but i have to get it from the friend...

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              hi - I did test the intel boxed fan (DTC-DAA01/ 12V 0,6A Delta) from the i5-750. Surprisingly the effect with this original fan is the same// using the intel desktop utilities monitor I see it running at 1020 revs at idle and after starting "prime-test" it accelerates up to 1300 revs but immediately drops down to the 1020 idle state. I tried normal and agressive in the bios - using the fan detection on next boot. I am dissatisfied with the situation, because i have to run my cpu fan using an adapter at 12V at max revs.

              I did try to downgrade to the older bios from january, but there's a problem using the "automatic windows program". so what can I do now? Is it a defect, or is it possible to fix the problem by bios update??


              Please help me!!


              - i got to deliver the system to my brother using it for scientific research and he's waiting for.


              my board


              version:             AAE70930-302

              serial number:    BTJG006001CZ

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                anybody outhere with an answer? please help me !!?

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                  I have same issue with AC Alpine 11 Pro and had called Intel got no answer. Now,I had stripped control pin and let it spin in full speed .

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                    hi - thx 4 posting! let's wait until intel support will find time to fix the problem!! fan control in my opinion is just a simple feature on such a board. perhaps there will be a bios update...


                    Hope never dies!

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                      What Intel use is "iQST"--Intel Quiet System technology, it means if the system temperature (including processor) still within spec, then the fan will run at lowest to avoid fan noise

                      It is very easy to confirm if iQST is working or not, just use a pen to stop the fan, and let processor temperature go up to 10C (thermal margin), then let fan spin again, you can see the fan rpm in Intel Desktop Utility, it should be more than 2000rpm...
                      For more details about iQST, you can check the Technical Product Specification

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                        I have the same issue with BIOS  Version 0396. CPU idle  temperature is around 60C  however both CPU fan and case fan can only rotate at half speed. Upgraded to BIOS Version 0537 today. The fan control is no longer working and all the fans are rotating at full speeds and are very noisy. Windows 7 reports Intel Active Management Technology SOL cannot started.Tried to flash back to the old version but a failure was reported when flashing the management engine firmware! Come on Intel! Give us a working BIOS for this board!

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                          Hi, Bloommax:

                          Again, the FAN speed is not a problem because this is what iQst designed, but if you want to downgrade BIOS, please use recovery mode:

                          Remove BIOS jumper and copy BIOS file (.bin) to a USB disk or CD, then boot system with this USB disk or CD. This is the only way to downgrade ME firmware.