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    i3-330m to i7-840qm or i7-640m ?


      Hallo , ich würde gerne wissen , ob ich mein Laptop aufrüsten kann mit einer neuen CPU , ich habe derzeit ein i3-330, drin mit c2 (k0) stepping  Arrandle , socket 989 rpga , auf einem sony mainboard  chipset intel havendale / clarkdale host bridge

      southbridge : pm55



      Mit dem Bios von AMI  R0170y7



      niemand konnte mir bisher helfen , darum frage ich einfach hier . es wäre natürlich glück eine antwort zu bekommen , aber ich würde mich freuen . der i3 330m gehört zu der westmere generation



      Wünschenswert wäre ein i7-840qm welches aber stepping b1 hat und 10W mehr verbraucht , welches zur nehalem generation gehört,



      würde das bios diesen sprung akzeptieren und erkennen ? bzw das mainboard ?  ansonsten würde ich es mit dem i7-640m probieren der genau in die generation passt mit gleichem verbrauch aber dann leider nur dual core.



      danke für eure aufmerksamkeit

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          Al Hill

          You must contact the manufacturer of your laptop and ask them what processors are supported by THEIR BIOS.

          An upgrade processor must be socket, BIOS, and chipset compatible.

          Only the manufacturer of the laptop can tell you what their bios supports.


          As for the three processors, you can compare them here:

          Intel® Product Specification Comparison


          You should also know that your processor may use a BGA socket, in which case you cannot replace it.



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            hi thx for ur answer , here is what i found from my laptop ,


            Chipset Intel - Havendale / Clarkdale Southbridge PM55  Mainboard


            CPU : Arrandle , Socket 989 rpga und c2 ( k0 ) stepping



            and here is something from wikipedia but my english is not so good maybe someone can help me with the information :


            Socket G1, also known as rPGA 988A (there are Socket G/rPGA 989 sockets that can take Socket G1/rPGA 988A or Socket G2/rPGA 988B packaged processors), is Intel's CPU socket for their line of mobile Core i7, the successor to the Core 2 line. It is based on Intel's Nehalemarchitecture which was first available for the 1366-pin "Socket B", which, like its predecessor, LGA775, uses the LGA socket configuration. Later followed the updated LGA-1156 socket, which moved the QPI and PCI-express controller off the Northbridge and onto the CPU. As a result of the lower pin count, LGA-1156 systems, and later, socket G1 systems, can only run in Dual-channel memory mode, as opposed to the Triple-channel mode which is unique to the LGA-1366 platform (and subsequent Xeon sockets). The Nehalem's mobile variant was released on September 23, 2009 in the form of the i7-720QM, 820QM, and 920XM models, followed by the i7-740QM, 840QM, and 940XM models on June 21, 2010. The newer CPUs use the new Clarksfield core, which maintained the same 45 nm manufacturing process as the desktop-based Nehalems. Nehalem received a die shrink on January 7, 2010, under the core name of Westmere. With the Intel GMA HD Graphics Ironlake core packaged onto the CPU substrate, but not integrated directly to the processor die, it goes on to create the Arrandale-based line. The current CPUs to use this package are the Core i7-6x0M series, the Core i5-4x0M series, the Core i5-5x0M series, the Core i3-3x0M series, and finally the Pentium P6x00 series and Celeron P4x00 series which were released on March 28, 2010. However, not all of these are available for Socket G1, as some of them are only available in a BGA package. They are also known as PGA988 socket processors.




            i also contacted the American Megatrends Inc ( bios ) via email , maybe they response.


            thank u again im pretty sure the i7-640m will work but i dont know about the quad core i7

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              AMI (bios) say that i have to contact sony , and sony dont give any information , rip ^^

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                Al Hill

                Only Sony can tell you what their bios supports.  It is Sony's bios.  Perhaps they have a support or community forum that can help.


                Your processors are EIGHT years old, and no longer supported.  In my opinion, it will not be worth your trouble to upgrade.


                It is best to replace your hardware witn a new or newer machine.


                Also, let's say you do replace the processor without knowing it is supported by the bios.  It could damage your machine.  Or, it may "work" partially.  Not worth the trouble, in my opinion.



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                  yea , they wont give me any information , but the processor i want is also old, thats why i thought it could work , just a better one, its more like an experience for me , i think the only think i can dmg is the processor . we will see , i will tell u what happend