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    Windows Server 2016 for NUC7i7BNB - Bluetooth driver and "on PCI standard ISA bridge"


      Thanks for all the help!


      I have almost all the drivers working for Windows Server 2016 - not able to get the windows Server correct Bluetooth driver, and the "PCI standard" - ISA bridge"... not sure where that driver is at? Pictures of config and driver bellow...Any help will certainly be appreciated.


      All else seems to be working great!

      Intel NUC7i7BNB

      3 TBytes of HDD

      24  RAM

      Gig Ethernet / Wi-Fi as load-balanced - SD-WAN config...


      Windows server 2016 virtualization w NGFW and UTM  services from WatchGuard FireBoxV

      Running a complete Lab with network and a multitude of VN via Hyper-V and servers - Windows 10, Windows 8, Unbuntu 10.04, etc...Possible Nano servers as well....


      Targeting container lab Azure/AWS integration for Cyber security and enterprise virtualization. NUC provides with the perfect portable LAB! Hope I can get all the drivers working correctly...So far so good...