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    Does Intel discontinue to support Intel Smart Response Technology(ISRT) for 8th Coffeelake family?


      Hello everyone,


      I understand that system of up to 7th Gen CPU(Kabylake),chips and Motherboards support ISRT.


      I built up my new machine configured as follows;


      gigabyte Z370N-wifi

      m.2: SamsungEVO960 NVMe (OS installed)

      m.2: Intel Optane memory(32GB)

      SATA: HGST HDD & crucialSSD


      Then just tried to accelerate SATA data disk using Optane memory as cash in same manner of 7th Kabylake system

      but I couldn't activate Opatane memory in window of Intel Rapid Storage procedure(activating button isn't clickable).


      Looking forward your advise