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    Is Intel smart response technology supported for Coffeelake CPU and Z370 MB ?


      Hello Everyone;


      Is there anybody to activate Intel Smart Response Technology with 8th Gen Coffeelake CPU and Z370chip Motherboard?

      I tried to accelerate my HDD(not a system disk but a data disk) with Intel Opatane Memory(32GB) mounted on m.2 but  I couldn't success.

      I could proceed to final stage but unable to activate Optane Memory.


      My PC configuration as follows;

      Intel i5-8400

      Gigabye Z370N-wifi

      Windows10 64bit

      m.2 Samsung EVO(OS installed)

      m.2 Intel Optane memory 32GB

      SATA3 Toshiba HDD


      I want to hear any useful information from you,