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    Release Notes from Previous Driver Versions


      After the recent news concerning Meltdown and Spectre, I decided to run the Intel Driver & Support Assistant to find out if there was a patch available for my motherboard -- Asrock Z77 Extreme6 with Intel Core i5-3570K -- there is not, at least not yet.  (Yes, I understand that I should check with Asrock, which I have, but I thought I would check with Intel as well.)


      The scanner informed me that there was a driver update for the Intel HD Graphics 4000.  As a rule, I don't update drivers often, but I thought that I should at least read the Release Notes.  Those notes, for the current version ( indicate that the only change is "Miscellaneous code optimizations."


      "Miscellaneous code optimizations" are not enough for me to want to rock the boat by installing a new driver.  On the other hand, there have been a number of driver versions between the old driver version I have (3958) and the current version, and some of those versions may have incorporated more significant updates.


      How can I find the Release Notes for all driver updates between the version I have and the current version?  Or is there some documentation that shows the cumulative changes for the driver for the HD Graphics 4000?