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    x25-m80gb, cant use firmware.need RAID for hdd, AHCI for ssd.


      Hiya Folks,


      Just couldnt find an answer for this problem, hope to find one here to solve this.

      Ive upgraded my system with a x25-m 80gb. Before i used 2 normal disks in Raid.


      My OS is running on the ssd. as second i want to use 2 normal disks still as raid.. just for data.

      But here comes the problem, when i switch to AHCI mode my RAID is gone, i wont even get the post screen in the bios for raid settings.


      I guess i cant update firmware since its not connected as AHCI. when i boot up with the disk it tells me: ssd is not attached or it is disabled.


      What to do if i want to use the AHCI for my ssd and how to keep my 2 data disks in raid ?