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    SSD can use with XP?


      So i got a X25-V today and i was wondering what if anything I have to do to make Xp work well with this drive. I have read multiple places that I have to set the alignment correctly? aparently you only need to do that with XP because windows 7 can handle it. I understand that i have to schedule the trim tool to run daily or whatever, but is there a list of other tweaks? I also understand that I need to turn off defrag, but leave the paging file ON.


      So i guess the main question is, does it need to be aligned to work with XP, or can i just ghost it over from another windows drive (ignoring windows boot problems which i can solve easily).

      An additional question would be, is there any other proceedure to make my drive work better, more long lasting? I have already run the firmware CD and brought th edrive up to revision D (from B)



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          For Intel's SSD series, you don't need to worry about the alignment.  The peformance differences are neglible.


          To keep your SSD running at it's peak, download the Intel SSD Toolbox.  Using the Toolbox, schedule a "trim" operation to occur automatically.  The "trim" command tells the SSD with Logical Block Addresses (LBAs) are pointing to deleted data.  The SSD can use this information to move data around more efficiently, which keeps it running at it's peak.


          Hope that helps and enjoy!

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            Ok thanks! Thats what i thought, but so many people recomend upgrading to windows 7 for solid state, i thought that there must be some difference.

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              Windows 7 provide the Trim command automatically in case of a single drive (no need of the toolbox scheduler). Altought if you're using it in a raid array (0) you still have to run the scheduled optimizer.