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    I7 7820X Current Limit Throttling


      Hey there i have MSI x299 gaming pro carbon main board and i7-7820X processor.   I was doing stress test using Intel Extreme Tuning Utility it says i passed the test but the Current Limit Throttling is blinking yes often . Can you guys help me understand what that is and how to fix it?


      Thanks in Advance!

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Thunderfap,
          I understand you would like to know more information about the Current Limit Throttling that our Intel Extreme Tuning Utility showed in the test performed with your i7-7820X processor. Allow me to help you regarding this question you have.
          Basically, Throttling is an action that will allow the processor to lower the frequency to prevent overheating or save power. This action will protect the processor from being damaged.
          I will highly recommend you to verify if your heatsink is properly installed. In addition, please double check the airflow in your case that is correctly maintaining the best temperature of your components.
          Antony S.

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            Yes my heatsink is installed perfectly. I have no issues with thermal throttling at all. The temparatures are always below 75 during games and stress tests. which i assume fine for my CPU.  let me write here my whole rig maybe it could help you better

            i managed to capture this screen shot while it has happened. its not constant Yes but sometimes it just blinks yes.


            CPU: I7-7820X

            GPU: asus rog strix 1080Ti OC edition

            Mobo: X299 Gaming Pro Carbon

            Cooler: be quiet! Dark Pro 3

            Rams: 4x8GB corsair ven. 2666mhz

            SSD: M.2 500gb

            HDD: 1tb

            PSU: evga Supernova G3 750W

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              Intel Corporation
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              Hello, Thunderfap
              Thank you very much for the information provided I really appreciate it
              Please keep in mind that a stress test will make your computer to reach the limit of its components so, if the Throttling reaches “Yes” is just that the processor is protecting the system of any damage.

              The components of your computer are perfectly fine nonetheless, since what you are performing is a stress test it is expected that the processor reaches high temperatures.

              Antony S.