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    Intel HD 620 (ASUS laptop) outputting wrong frequencies on certain devices


      I have exactly the same issue described here:


      Intel HD 620 outputting wrong frequency on certain devices


      with an ASUS VivoBook S510UQ - BQ495T connected through a HDMI port to a Sony Bravia 2015 TV.

      That's to say, the outputted signal has a 25% higher frequency than set; this means a 60Hz signal becomes a 75Hz signal, a 50 Hz signal becomes 62Hz, a 30Hz signal becomes 37Hz and a 24Hz signal becomes 30Hz. The interlacciated modes output a half display.

      The PC graphic card works fine with another monitor (Philips 221TE2L).


      The driver version is the latest certified and provided by Asus (


      The laptop has a second GPU (Nvidia Geforce 940MX).


      I manually installed the latest HD 620 driver ( available in the Intel website which solves the frequency issue but it introduces a new severe performance issue: in clone mode and extended mode the frame rate of 3D applications (I tried Dolphin emulator) has a tremendous drecrease. This issue is not present in single screen mode. I noticed that during my test the GPU load of HD 620 chip was about 20% against 45% with the driver


      Any suggestion?