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    I have no sound output to my HDMI Monitor with Intel® HD Graphics 620


      I just got and setup the following system:


      (information provided by the Intel driver and support assistant)





      Intel® HD Graphics 620


      Sceptre E E248W-1920R 24" Ultra Thin LED Monitor HDMI, Metallic


      All drivers are up to date, according to the assistant.


      Now I know the monitor can play sound because it says so, and when connected to an older PC laptop it played sound.


      Other posts I have read suggested there should be a  Playback device listed which identifies an HDMI type playback.



      This screenshot shows that 1 - sound is playing on a different device in the system and 2 - there is no HDMI registered




      The device properties indicate an HDMI



      To be clear, I hear no sound.  I expect to hear sound out of my monitor.  Sound is playing on something on the device, but I don't know what that playback device is.


      Finally, when i Test the device it shows it is playing sound, but there is nothing!


      There are no volume controls on the outside of the Monitor, and everything is set to 100 on the system.