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    mainboard dp55sb



      i have problems assembling a system with the following peaces:

      cpu : intel I5-750 2.66 GHZ

      mainboard : intel dp55sb

      convenient RAm DDR3 4 x 1gb kvr1066d3n7/1g (kingston ram non ecc, as it shoul de)

      asus en6200 vga card 512 mb

      antec case with 650 Watt power supply


      I'v tried a number of motherboards en RAm but I get always to the same 3 beeps and error 21 on the internal display of the motherboard.

      normally it shoud be a memory problem.....

      I have seen also that the system start automatically without giving a power on signal. So you put on the power supply and the motherboard(s)

      start out of its own....


      What can be the problem ?????


      thanks for tips