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    About Intel PMEP (Persistent Memory Emulator Platform)




      This is Qianqian Yu, a master student from Institute of Parallel and Distributed Systems (IPADS), Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China.


      I would like to emulate NVM with DRAM to conduct some experiments. The environment in my server is (2 socket Xeon E5-2658A v3, 128 GB DRAM).

      I have learnt about Intel PMEP from some papers (System software for persistent memory, a study of application performance with non-volatile main memory).

      It would be very helpful to my research if Intel PMEP is available.


      However, I cannot get any useful information about Intel PMEP through googling. So, Is there anyway that I can get access to Intel PMEP?



      Thanks a lot!

      Kiki Yu