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    Intel X520-2 Adapter with direct SFP+ Cable to Dlink DGS 1210 48 Switch How ?




      first of all im totally new with the SFP+ Cable.


      i try to connect my Dlink DGS 1210 48 Switch with the Intel X520-2 Adapter on the Fileserve with an 3M SFP+ Cables|10GbE SFP+ Cable|Cisco/HP/H3C Compatible|CAB-10GSFP-P3M  ordered with the Intel standard XDACBL3M


      The Dlink Switch has an Amber Light from at the Connection-Port ( in the Manual there is no amber status for this slot but nvm there is ANY light)


      The Fileserver Adapter says "no network cable pluged". i tried to install a new driver from Intel but nothing happens. So i plugged the beginning and the End of the cable into the Intel Adapter and finally all the lights going to blink and the status switch to connected..


      After some massiv abuse of Google i stumbled over all sort of Standards and every manufacture has its own, thats why you can buy dlink cables and intel cables and cisco and netgear and so on...


      So my Situation is i cant set up anything on the Dlink Side at this Ports (enable or disable) and there is an amber light blink.. on the other side the Cable works with the Intel Adapter..


      i searched for cables from Intel to Dlink Standards.. and just found one windy reseller in another country that have this sort of cable. So i think that is not the standard to get a workaround to this Dilema. So i want to ask what is the common workaround for this Problem ? Do IT Department wire the cable for themself or is there an Adapter or Software Solution ?


      thank you for helping me out.