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    NUC6CAYH and HDR support with current driver (>= 4849 )?


      This question has been raised before but the thread is closed now and there hasn't been any new information in wake of the HDR driver release.


      Does the NUC6CAYH support HDR with the latest drivers on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update?


      Starting with HDR support was introduced. The overview states it is only available on HD620 or better. However, the HD500 in the Atom Trail is based on the same GPU architecture and uses the same driver. So I am wondering wether Intel has purposely disabled HDR support on the lower end CPUs or if it does indeed work.


      I ordered a NUC6CAYH to build a HTPC, but if HDR is not an option I will cancel the order and get an NVIDIA SHIELD instead.


      Thank you for your information.