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    WIN 7 - Xhci Port-4 not showing pendrive notification and autoplay dialog


      What could be the reason that my usb port 4 is not showing pen drive notification whereas all other three usb ports straight from xhci hub are showing it. However, the device works fine and pops as a device D: or other.


      I tried following

      1. Modify asl uefi code but didnt work, thought ACPI topology mapping issue

      2. Updated XHC controller driver, but cannot blame driver as notification for other ports are showing up.

      3. UsbViewer shows the device connected to the relevant port.

      4. There is a separate EHCI controller and root hub.


      It works when

      1. Connect USB 2/3 hub, both cases pendrive auto play and notification in system tray show up.

      2. Could it possible be the hardware design issue ?



      Notifications are there in the windows 7 on usb pendrive connection / disconnection on that particular port. What seems that windows internally checking for hot plug notification. Question is

      1. What it is that windows 7 checks on usb hp notification to pops that notification ?

      2. Could this fix trace down to bios uefi ?

      3. Can there be a software ( bios / driver / windows patch ) possible to fix this issue.



      Answers appreciated.